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Lety's has been featured/cited in a number of publications:

1.   "Lety’ s Special Buko Pie" by Ma. Eloisa R. Lazaro, WOMAN TIMES (WT), page C3, THE MANILA TIMES.

"…it would be a crime to go back to Manila without Lety's buko pie…"
"… we savored every bit of the pie- the filling was indeed packed with thick slices of nuts and the pastry crust crumbly soft. It was just like eating an honest-to-goodness buko pie!..."

2.   "Goin' loco over Lety's Buko Pie", by Liza A. Solano, Special Feature, BUSINESS WORLD (Vol. II, No. 232, page 20), Friday, June 16,1989.

"… Lety's Special Buko Pie, said to be the best in Los Baños, continues to be made by the same woman who developed the recipe 13 years ago…"

3.   "A delicious, indescribable cake in Bacolod and the best buco pie in Los Baños" , Easy Entertaining by Evelyn Morales-Del Rosario, The PHILIPPINE STAR, LIFE section, Wednesday, December 3, 1997, page L9. 

“… Last stop was Lety's on the highway closer to the town of Los Baños. Lety's is just a stand that sells the famous buko pie and espasol. Everyone I know from Los Baños, including Dr. Mario Perilla, the new dean, and Dr. Louie Divinagracia, both from the University of the Philippines, agree that Lety 's makes the best buko pie. I agree. The crust is good, the coconut firm but not dry, and the custard keeps the coconut moist…"

4.   "The house that buko pie built", by Bryan L. Fernandez, Entrepinoy Section, AGRIBUSINESS, (MARID Digest) 9th  Anniversary Issue, Vol. 9, No. 11, May 1999.

“… The buko pie industry in Los Baños was started 40 years with Los Baños Original Buko Pie as the pioneer. The pie was such a hit that many entrepreneurs were encouraged to follow suit. Today, more than 30 stores make and sell the pastry. But when it comes to buko pie, one name stands out from all the rest: Lety's Special Buko Pie. "

5.   "Los Banos: Where Buko Pie Originated", PANORAMA (Sunday Magazine of THE MANILA BULLETIN), Vol. 28, No. 27, July 18, 1999.

"… Anos, one of the 14 barangays of Los Baños along the highway, is home to the five biggest buko pie makers -Pahud's Original Buko Pie, Lety's, Mitz, Elvie’s and Los Baños Buko Pie. All in all, there are more than 20 buko pie makers competing in the lucrative native pie market. "

6.   "Buko Pie HIGH", COOK (The Culinary Lifestyle Magazine), March 2002.

"…it wasn't a big challenge for Aling Letty to develop her own recipe because she came from a family who was in a bakery business. "

7.   "The Million Peso Pie", (cover story) by Dolores Sylvia Alzona. FOOD (The magazine of good cooking), Vol. 8, No.6, Issue No. 79, July 2002. 

" in July 2001, Lety's joined the Mindanao Trade Expo(at Davao City)…"
"... Born of this Expo are Buko Pandan, Buko Durian, and Pineapple Buko (nicknamed Aloha, of course!). They also have a milkless Buko Lychee pie - good news for lactose intolerant people And for diabetics, a sugar-free buko pie...
"...their packaging both in terms of aesthetic and functional design...
"…Now, wouldn’t be nice to be able to grab a buko pie when you are homesick in Europe? (underlining supplied).

8.   “Lety’s Special Buko Pies, a cut above the rest,”  by Nikki N. Milano, Success Story,  GLOBAL  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, Vol. 6, Issue 2/2003.

“In line with the planned foray of Lety’s Special Buko Pie into the foreign market, the Belarminos obtained a substantial loan from the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for upgrading and modernization of their operations.”
“A hurdle that must be overcome in exporting food items is shelf life……The answer is blast freezing. It freezes the pies solid in less than two hours, preventing the formation of large ice crystals which destroy texture. Once frozen, the buko pies can last up to 12 months…..”
“With confidence in their product and its wide acceptance among local consumers, the Belarminos are honing their operation to conquer a new frontier. Lety’s Special Buko Pie is ready to take a slice of the global market. And success doesn’t come any sweeter than that.”

9.   “The Story of Lety’s Buko Pie,”  Expanding Horizons, MAKILING JOURNAL, Vol. V, No. 20, June 23-29, 2003.

10. “Buko Pie that lasts for l yr.” by Rudy A. Fernandez, Business/Agriculture/ Environment, July 27, 2003.

11. “An export winner in the making,”  by Rose G. dela Cruz, Business As Usual, THE PHILIPPINE STAR, Sept. 29, 2003.

“Lety’s is ranked among the current leaders in the predominantly Laguna-based buko pie industry, with an average daily production run of about 400 pies during weekdays and 800 pies during weekends. Production increases to 600 pies during summer and the Christmas season.”
“To prepare itself for the export market, Lety’s has renovated and redesigned its production area to conform with the requirements of the Bureau of Drugs and the standards set of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)…”
Clearly, Lety’s had been doing its homework on how to succeed as an exporter.”  (underlining supplied).

12. “Easy as pie,”  by Violy B. Conoza, Success Coach, ENTREPRENEUR (Philippines), March  2004

“A married couple started their buko pie business with just P200. Now its worth millions.”
“…To be more competitive, the couple apply strict quality control, join trade fairs, and recently started an open-house policy to show customers how their pies are being made under top conditions. They invested in packaging…..attended a seminar where they extolled the importance of packaging especially for food items intended for export.”
“The couple appreciate the help they have received from the Department of Science and Technology and other government agencies. ‘The government is really trying to help, though there is a need to disseminate their technical and financial services widely,’ says Isagani. ‘I’d still encourage other people to go into the buko pie business, but not the hit-and-run type. What’s needed is the serious enterpreneur who will produce quality pies. The market for buko pie here and abroad is potentially very large, and we may never be able to supply its demand no matter how we try.’”